Little Beast The Creation

Three companies, one goal, together they have 24 years of industry experience which formulate the magic that is Little Beast. Although this creation is the combined effort of many talented people, Little beast is a combination of experience and the best manufacturing practices and ingredients.


The Creator

Founder of New Zealand brand EasyPuff started his humble journey With a low budget, started his journey using the original two-piece e-cigarette. With a small budget but the willingness to research and learn about the market founder Robert Reid (Bobby) set out to make a difference. Bobby, a Vape shop owner and editor of Vapemag nz, has more than nine years of business ownership in the vaping industry and was perhaps New Zealand’s first prominent vape influencer.


The Manufacture

NZVAPOR – Founded in 2012 by two brothers who quit smoking successfully with vaping and wanted to share those life-changing effects with others, has become one of New Zealand’s leading online vape shops through a unique combination of passion, advocacy and commitment to quality. NZVAPOR’s e-liquid production facility is unique in New Zealand and maybe the only facility of its type in the southern hemisphere. It’s a real pharmaceutical-grade clean room environment meeting the standard for ISO 5 certification. That’s cleaner than a surgical room and 30 times more honest than the minimum requirement for ISO certification.